Floor Plans

Edgewood Twin Home Plans

See the Edgewood Twin Home Floor Plans.

See the Standard Design Features.


Custom Designs

If your perfect dream home is completely unique, then we can assist getting you connected with any one of several local professional architects that can design it.

If however your home is similar to others that have been built before, then you can save a lot of money by "red lining" existing plans to customize them to your unique needs. Just contact us, and we can assist getting you to our prefferd architect's web site, where there are literally hundreds of plans that you can search through, and then "red line".

Click on this link to browse plans -  http://creationswest.com/plans.php

                                                  OR- http://www.designloft.net/house-plans

Presidential Series (Eaglepointe)

In an effort to simplify the home selection process, we have chosen several plans that comply with the CC&R's for the Eaglepointe subdivision. See our plans.

Eaglewood Cove Plans (Coming Soon)